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Last Day to Save on Capital Gains Tax

Short or Long term capital gains collected in 2018 must be invested by tomorrow –6/28/2019 – to lock in your tax savings.

The forms of gain that can still be invested are:

  • 2018 gains from the sale of a partnership interest
  • 2018 “section 1231” net gains
  • 2019 gains – any form, so long as they are invested within 180 days of realizing the gain

If you would like to translate capital gains from the sale of your stocks, business, real estate or other assets into ownership in income-producing real estate with tax advantages, the time to decide is now.

The regulations are well formed, Caliber’s $500m Fund is actively taking in capital, and investors are jumping in.

When you choose Caliber, you will receive:

  1. The ability to invest in  AZ, CO, NV, TX & UT – the best region in the country for qualified opportunity zones
  2. The ability to know what you are invested in by buying into a $300m+ pipeline of existing investments and property in escrow or LOI stage
  3. The confidence that your tax-favored status will be protected with a fund sponsor who maintains an internal infrastructure designed to administer a public company.
  4. The safety of a partner who can step into any project – Caliber is a fund sponsor, asset manager, developer, general contractor, and real estate brokerage.

In a simple example a $1m investment in a qualified opportunity zone fund, earning the same rate of return as a standard investment, will earn 57% more net cash flow over the lifetime of the investment and nearly 3x the profits – all driven through tax benefits.

This is our last call for 2018 gains, and for early 2019 gains, to get invested.  Let us know if we can help you today, as we continue to meet people on a regular basis who learn about the program late and miss out on the opportunity – pun intended.



Caliber leads the market in providing individual accredited investors with well-structured alternatives to traditional investments.

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Last Day to Save on Capital Gains Tax
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