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Where Do Entrepreneurs Align In Phoenix?

When someone asks for your time, what’s the first question you want to know? Often it is “What’s in it for me?” You surely asked that question the first time you were exposed to Caliber’s investment message and look how well that turned out! Now Caliber wants to introduce you to Eliances. Not for an investment of money, or even time, but to help you discover a rich treasure trove of well-connected people who may benefit you – and you may decide to benefit them.

Eliances is a unique community of over 900 entrepreneurs in the Phoenix and Tucson area, mostly Phoenix. It is a closed community, by invitation only after recommendation by its executive committee. It was founded and is headed by David Cogan, a true serial entrepreneur who has worked for major corporations like IBM and Arthur Andersen, and started several successful companies (https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidcoganusa/ ).


By putting all these entrepreneurs together, including over 60 each week at its sold-out morning-long meeting at ASU’s SkySong campus, all sorts of sparks fly and new companies emerge right and left. Since it was founded three years ago, over 50 new companies helping the Arizona economy have been hatched by Eliances’ members.

For example, a dozen Eliances members came together to form Global Gun Safety, a company that markets a new fast-off gun trigger blocker that saves children from shooting themselves or others. Another Eliances-grown company is producing high quality, low cost animal feed with a new process that uses a tenth of the water required for pasture and doing it in only one week! And another company is launching a high altitude, high-tech photographic package on Monday to give scientists unique new data on the solar eclipse!

Caliber would like to invite you to be our guest at one of these stimulating meetings of Eliances entrepreneurs any Tuesday morning that is convenient. You’ll have lots of time to meet and discuss fascinating projects with these entrepreneurs, and tell them what you are involved in doing, too. You can never tell when you’ll find a “match” that strikes your excitement.

Please contact Brion Crum at Caliber (Brion@eliances.com) to be invited to visit this unique business community of entrepreneurs or https://www.eliances.com/public/PrivateInviteOnlyEntrepreneurGroup.cfm



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Where Do Entrepreneurs Align In Phoenix?
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