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Opportunity Zones: Earn 275% More

Investors in Qualified Opportunity Zone Funds have the potential to earn 275% more on their investments, however, time is running out. June 28th, 2019 is the deadline to invest your 2018 short or long term capital gains to protect them from tax.

Discover your potential with the following scenario -

Who’s Eligible to Invest?

  1. Accredited investors with short or long-term capital gains
  2. Any form of capital gain realized can be deposited into a Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund as long as it is within 180 days of the date of sale
  3. Any gain incurred from the sale of a partnership interest in 2018, subject to the investment being deposited on or before 6/28/2019
  4. Any section 1231 gain (from the sale of tangible business property like
    buildings, land, equipment, rental real estate, etc. held for 1 year or more)
    after it is netted from any section 1231 losses you may have incurred,
    subject to the investment being deposited on or before 6/28/19

Key Fund Highlights

Caliber offers you the ability to gain these tax advantages while investing your money in income-producing and development real estate in the Greater Southwest Growth markets of AZ, TX, NV., CO & UT.

  1. Open for business and accepting capital without limitations, up to the Fund’s maximum capital raise of $500m
  2. Acquired interests in the first 3 fund projects, offering a total project value in excess of $70m
  3. Targeting a mix of Multi-Family (40%), Commercial (40%), and Hospitality (20%) assets
  4. Offering 2 classes of equity with minimum investments of $250,000 and $1m respectively
  5. Providing a minimum investor return hurdle of 6%
  6. Targeting a fund-level IRR in excess of 15% over 10 years
  7. Professional services team including industry experts at Snell & Wilmer, LP, Marcum, LLP, and Novogradic & Company LLP

If you believe in the wealth-building opportunities in real estate, the growth story of the southwest markets, the documented track record of the Caliber team, and the powerful benefits of saving on tax, contact us today.  We do not want you to miss this deadline as many investors have told us they were unaware an opportunity to invest 2018 gains still exists.

To learn more visit caliberco.com/opportunity



Caliber leads the market in providing individual accredited investors with well-structured alternatives to traditional investments.

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Opportunity Zones: Earn 275% More
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