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Caliber Featured on Epic Real Estate Investing Podcast

Enrico Sanchez, Associate Vice President of Wealth Development at Caliber Companies joins one of the top Real Estate and Finance podcasts in the nation, Epic Real Estate Investing. During this podcast you'll learn more about Caliber as well as it's newest fund, the Caliber Tax Advantaged Opportunity Zone Fund, LP  and the potential tax benefits it provides for investors.

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What You Will Learn About Enrico Sanchez & Opportunity Zones:

  • How Enrico Sanchez started and became attracted to real estate
  • How Enrico came to work for Caliber
  • More about Caliber and our funds
  • Details about Qualified Opportunity Zone Investments
  • Case Study: What funding into low-income census track can do
  • Why it is important for a fund to be in control of development
  • The main tax advantages when investing in the Opportunity Zone Fund
  • How Caliber finds and accepts new deals

Interested in connecting with Enrico? Contact him by phone at 480-440-7274 or by email at Enrico.Sanchez@CaliberCo.com



Caliber leads the market in providing individual accredited investors with well-structured alternatives to traditional investments.

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Caliber Featured on Epic Real Estate Investing Podcast
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